January 30, 2019 News & PR

Gamut Ensures TOTAL Transparency with Enhancements to its OTT Audience and Campaign Insights for Brands

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New York, NY. (January 30, 2019) – As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation in transparency and trust, digital media company, Gamut, today announced enhancements to its proprietary OTT reporting dashboard within the company’s larger OTT offering, Gamut TOTALSM. Gamut’s audience and campaign insights dashboard ensures that brands have total transparency into where their OTT ad dollars are going and gives brands access to unique data capabilities, demonstrating efficient delivery of local OTT campaigns at national scale.

Gamut TOTAL’s reporting capabilities allow the guarantee of quality impressions with all campaign content in 100% in-view and non-skippable at all times, providing brands with transparency into the specific networks OTT campaigns run on. It reports campaign results in real-time, allowing brands to measure performance in multiple ways, including where the ad ran (geographically, device, time of day, day of week, broadcast week, channel); who it delivered to (support for households, unique users, frequency); as well as how it performed (clicks, completions, video engagement rate and optional measurement, such as brand lifts and store visitations).

“With so many players jumping into the OTT game, many conflicting commitments are being made in the marketplace, only further creating noise and confusion,” says Rachel Williamson, President at Gamut.

“Gamut remains dedicated to pushing the marketplace to hold itself to the highest standards of service and integrity. We are helping clients understand the data they care about – such as content, true reach and frequency, audience composition and other KPIs – and doing so in real time with data provided from third party verification partners. Our Gamut TOTAL offering also provides TOTAL Transparency on each campaign.”

Gamut originally launched the proprietary dashboard in 2018, and the 2019 enhancements include: pacing by granular line item, pacing to target for campaigns, reach, frequency, the ability to view in broadcast calendar/weeks and support for store visitation lift and brand studies.

“I have appreciated the evolution of the Gamut OTT dashboard over the last year,” said Tracy Kalfas, Group Director Partnerships at Initiative. “We are able to get a very clean executive summary, while being able to drill down to detailed specifics such as time of view, completed view, percentage by device and impressions by geo, to name a few — all sliced and diced in any way imaginable. It provides real time transparency and accountability for us as an agency.”

In 2018, Gamut announced its Gamut TOTAL offering, which helps clients better navigate the OTT advertising space. Gamut TOTAL leverages Cox Media Group’s expansive relationships, reach and data that only 50+ years in TV and video can provide and combines them with a decade of innovation in digital expertise. Backed by a robust team of in-house insights, planning, ad-operations, analytics, data, and product experts, Gamut TOTAL provides brands access to unmatched premium inventory from broadcast, cable, and Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors.

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