February 4, 2021 News & PR

OTT Insights Powered by MRI-Simmons’ Cord Evolution Study

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Gamut TOTAL + MRI-Simmons

Gamut is pleased to announce that MRI-Simmons’ Cord Evolution Study will be added to our robust selection of data resources starting in 2021. Our in-house research team will be leveraging the video-focused study to uncover relevant, actionable insights on the ever-changing media landscape.

The Cord Evolution Study is fielded 3x a year to a nationally representative panel through an online survey. The questionnaire is thoughtfully designed to capture responses on trending viewing behaviors, including:

  • Motivations and usage of video platforms
  • Cord cutting
  • Streaming engagement, device preferences and attitudes

Over 175 streaming services/apps are measured to gain an understanding of OTT audiences across SVOD, AVOD, and vMVPD providers. Plus, Cord Evolution is weighted and fused to the MRI-Simmons National Study, allowing for deep insights on ad-supported streamers and their demographics, psychographics, purchase behavior and brand affinities.

Family of Streamers

“Coming off of a year of significant consumer shifts, using insights to steer media strategy is a critical part of the planning process now more than ever before. The Gamut Insights Team can now source the data collected in the Cord Evolution Study to share the latest streaming trends with our advertising partners as they develop OTT campaigns to connect with consumers not reachable through traditional linear TV.”
– Tiffany Ihle, Director of Consumer Insights

Gamut, with its best-in-class OTT product, Gamut TOTAL®, helps advertisers find, target, and engage with local OTT audiences at scale, in every DMA. As TV viewership habits in the U.S. increasingly shift to streaming across various screens, advertisers must complement local TV campaigns with OTT for an effective media mix that maximizes reach amongst their total addressable market. Our Insights experts deliver data-driven recommendations that are not only designed to meet campaign goals but offer strategic investments of ad dollars.

Contact Gamut today to learn more about the MRI-Simmons Cord Evolution Study and find out how you can effectively reach OTT audiences in every DMA.

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Launched as a joint venture in 2019, MRI-Simmons combines the two largest and most respected consumer survey companies in the US (MRI and Simmons Research). With thousands of attitudinal and behavioral data points, gathered through ongoing surveys and passive measurement, MRI-Simmons empowers advertisers, agencies and media companies with deeper insights into the “why” behind consumer behavior.

MRI-Simmons combines best-practice survey methodologies with an innovative technology platform and advanced data visualizations. The company has been at the forefront of innovation, significantly accelerating the time to insights for brand builders, strategists, planners and sales regardless of their data acumen.

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