November 11, 2021 News & PR

Gamut Using iSpot Data To Measure OTT Campaign Foot Traffic Increases

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Results reflect hyper-local targeting and personalized messaging


Gamut, CMG’s local over-the-top advertising company, has expanded its relationship with iSpot, enabling it to measure how much foot traffic its OTT ad campaigns generate.

Gamut integrated iSpot’s cross-platform TV data into its platform last year. Its Gamut Total product guarantees advertisers premium inventory, fraud free options and maximized campaign performance.

“Showing advertisers the unique reach and additional exposures we provide, coupled with actual data showing how often these ad exposures resulted in foot traffic, enables our clients to invest confidently in locally targeted OTT,” said Soo Jin Oh, president at Gamut. “We now have the technology to run hyper-local targeting and personalized messaging at massive scale. This can create a more authentic connection with consumers and a greater likelihood of desired outcomes.”

At a time when the industry dissatisfaction with Nielsen is boiling over, iSpot is one of a number of companies that might have an opportunity to provide alternative measurement systems.

iSpot’s strategy has been to move beyond its ability to identify which ads are airing and who is watching them to providing attribution analytics for buy side and sell side platforms, as well as individual advertisers.

“Businesses want the ability to see how many people their ads reach, how often their messages are seen and the net impact that has on their opportunities to speak to customers,” said Stu Schwartzapfel, senior VP of media partnerships at iSpot. “Gamut is leaning into that ability to give customers what they want, and in doing so is lowering the barriers to entry for local and regional businesses and brands that want to optimize their spend using Gamut’s products.”

Gamut’s attribution offering leverages a massive database of verified TV ad airings provided by iSpot’s real-time catalogue which is correlated with PlaceIQ’s location information generated from millions of opted-in devices and venues throughout the U.S.

“Today, TV advertisers need the same kind of performance indicators available in other channels, so we’re especially excited to be working with Gamut and iSpot to help them meet the growing needs of their local OTT advertising clients,” said Brian Bradtke, VP of partner development at PlaceIQ. “Where and how consumers shop continues to change, making location data and insights a crucial part of any optimized OTT campaign.”

Originally posted on Next|TV Broadcasting + Cable


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