November 12, 2021 News & PR

Gamut to Measure Impact of Local OTT and TV Ads on Foot Traffic

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Gamut has expanded its use of iSpot with the launch of the new ability to measure the impact of campaigns on foot traffic to local retail outlets


NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES—The local OTT ad tech solutions provider Gamut has announced that it has recently integrated iSpot’s unified, cross-platform measurement featuring location data from PlaceIQ into its measurement capabilities. The upgrade will allow Gamut to measure the ability of local OTT and linear TV campaigns to drive visits to retail locations.

The company will now provide its advertisers with the ability to measure the effectiveness of their OTT campaigns at driving business outcomes that range from digital touchpoints to consumers entering physical retail locations, the company said.

“Showing advertisers the unique reach and additional exposures we provide, coupled with actual data showing how often these ad exposures resulted in foot traffic, enables our clients to invest confidently in locally targeted OTT,” said Soo Jin Oh, president at Gamut. “We now have the technology to run hyper-local targeting and personalized messaging at massive scale.  This can create a more authentic connection with consumers and a greater likelihood of desired outcomes.”

Using iSpot’s Unified Measurement Platform, Gamut has already provided thousands of customers with the power to measure the incremental reach of their OTT campaigns. Gamut’s new integration of foot traffic measurement now takes business-outcome measurement one important step further and enables clients to directly connect their local OTT advertising campaigns to sales activities.


Originally posted on TV Tech


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