November 17, 2020 Videos

Gamut Presents “Measuring the Effectiveness of OTT as a Complement to TV” At Cynopsis’ Measurement & Data Virtual Experience

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Cynopsis Measurement & Data Virtual Experience

On November 17th, Soo Jin Oh, Gamut’s Co-COO, spoke at Cynopsis’s Measurement & Data Virtual Experience during a fireside chat entitled “Measuring the Effectiveness of OTT as a Complement to TV.” The panel was moderated by Lynn Leahey, the Editorial Director at Cynopsis.


Soo Jin Oh discussed how as TV viewership habits in the U.S. are increasingly shifting to OTT, advertisers must combine TV and OTT together in their media mix in order to maximize their reach and drive campaign effectiveness and impact. Targeting and reaching untapped, qualified OTT audiences and measuring the increase in website traffic, store visits, brand lift and actual conversions is now more important than ever.  Brands and agencies must also understand the true incremental reach of their OTT campaigns in order to determine the proper allocation of spend across both TV and OTT.  This session will provide an insider’s look at the latest methods and technologies being used to deliver the real-time actionable data that advertisers need to move beyond impressions, to impact – at massive scale.


Watch the full panel discussion, here: YouTube/gamutsmartmedia

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