May 2, 2019 Gamut Presents / Whitepapers

The Transformation of Premium OTT Video: An Ad Buyer’s Guide

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The video, TV and advertising industries are going through a stunning transformation, driven by new viewer behaviors, rapid technology evolution and business model innovation. While all of these changes have been occurring for a number of years, the deepening interrelationships among them have caused the pace of disruption to accelerate. The magnitude of these shifts is significant; according to eMarketer, by 2022 there will be nearly 220 million Internet-delivered or “over the top” (OTT) video users in the U.S., representing 64% of the population.1 Today, all industry participants are being forced to rethink their traditional business models, relationships with their customers and processes for innovating their products and services.

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eMarketer, “OTT Video Viewers” July 2018

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