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Reach Local Voters with OTT

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Activate OTT for Local Campaigns

This November, political races will be held across the U.S., including Mayoral elections in 31 of the 100 largest U.S. cities and Gubernatorial elections in at least two states, prompting television advertising campaigns to be in full swing. However, buying spots on traditional broadcast TV to connect with local audiences does present some challenges. Delivery to the full DMA is required and, in some cases, will result in ads wastefully running outside of the desired target area. For statewide coverage, planning entails a time-consuming multi-market video buy. Local OTT is the ideal advertising medium to solve for these issues as a key benefit is the ability to execute a geo-targeted strategy that is thoughtfully designed to reach state residents in their voting districts.

Young, Diverse Adults are Voting

2018 delivered a record-setting turnout of voters during the midterm election, reporting an 11 percentage point increase vs. the midterm election four years earlier, with 53% of the citizen voting-age population casting a ballot. Participation among 18-29 year-olds grew by +79%, while Hispanic and Black voters increased by +50% and +27% respectively. [1]  These groups all experienced comparable turnout increases during the 2020 General Election, indicating that there is significant voting momentum among young and multicultural segments.

Digital video devices that typically draw these fast-growing voter groups offer candidates and advocacy groups a great opportunity to deliver on-screen video ads during the campaign cycle. OTT is not only ideal to inform young and multiculturally diverse voters, but to connect with consumers of all ages and demographics.

CTV is Mainstream

Video streaming adoption accelerated in 2020 and the effects of increased OTT video engagement and audience growth has carried on into 2021. This trend is expected to continue, according to eMarketer’s projection of CTV (connected TV) with users likely exceeding 218M during the next mid-term election in 2022. [2] More viewers are shifting away from traditional viewing methods and relying on streaming platforms for news and entertainment, making OTT a critical part of any political advertising campaign.

Currently, over 106M U.S. households are digitally connected through their television sets via a smart TV, streaming device or console. CTV usage is not just preferred by younger segments but embraced by all ages including the Baby Boomer generation, reaching nearly half of the age group. [3]

*Source: eMarketer February 2021

Opportunity in OTT

OTT can deliver local residents at scale and maximizes reach to the target audience when coupled with linear TV. Over 129M voters that are active in local and/or statewide elections stream ad-supported content from video apps/services monthly. [4] Currently, two-fifths are cordless, meaning that they either live in a cord cutter household (once subscribed to a traditional pay TV service, but canceled and no longer do) or have never had access to cable or satellite TV (cord never). [5]

Running a campaign that precisely targets voters across the video platforms where they are highly engaged is key for an effective strategy. As traditional video viewership erodes and less voters are reachable through broadcast and cable, OTT is an essential complement to linear TV media buys and provides direct access to desired audiences.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Gamut, the Leader in Local OTT advertising, offers premium brand-safe inventory from over 100 top Networks and delivers strong coverage of the ad-supported streaming audience across all states, DMAs and counties.

Through our deep partnerships, Gamut can reach an overwhelming majority of ad-supported OTT viewers that are active in local/statewide elections nationally and, that strong delivery holds true, when looking at key states that are expected to experience heavy political advertising activity this year. [6]

Gamut can deliver a diverse audience that draws viewers of all ages through our publisher partners.

OTT Portfolio

  • 69% vote in local or statewide elections
  • 72% participate in any type of public activity, including engaging with a politician, attending speeches, town halls, or signing petitions
  • 35% are 18-34; 38% are 35-54; 27% are 55+
  • Over-index among households: with children (124), Black (118) and Hispanic (119) adults

Now is the time to add OTT into your media mix. Contact Gamut today to learn more about how we can execute a campaign that reaches your local political audiences at scale, and amplifies your political and advocacy messaging.

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