April 5, 2023 Gamut Presents / Whitepapers

Gamut’s Emerging Streaming Trends: The Rise of Multi-Service Households

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Streaming TV HHs Continue to Embrace Multiple Streaming Apps and Services

According to MRI-Simmons, the current Streaming TV landscape in the U.S. is made up of 220M Monthly Streamers age 18+, as consumers continue to leverage premium streaming services and apps to view the content they love.

But streamers aren’t choosing just one service! In fact, 45% of Streaming TV users are “cord stackers,” utilizing one or more streaming services in addition to their traditional Pay TV package. On average, U.S. households subscribe to 7 streaming services with 30% subscribing to 10 or more apps to stream on their TVs, based on the latest research from TVision’s, “The State of CTV Advertising Mid-Year 2022 Report.”

This trend underscores the consumers’ desire for a diverse range of content that caters to their eclectic tastes, beyond what a single platform or service can offer. However, it can make it difficult for advertisers to know where to reach their target audience effectively. This is where Gamut comes in. As the leader in local CTV, Gamut offers a unique advertising solution that provides direct access to premium video inventory from over 100 of the most popular networks. This ensures your brand can connect with local consumers everywhere they are streaming content, regardless of the service they use.

Together, we can ensure efficient reach of your local audiences through premium CTV inventory at scale.

Contact us to learn more about Gamut’s ad solutions and how we can help your brand reach valuable consumers in optimal markets!

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