April 19, 2023 Gamut Presents / Whitepapers

Gamut’s Emerging Streaming Trends: Local Streaming TV Is Booming

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Local Streaming Ad Projections Continue to Grow

CTV investments across the media buying landscape continue to increase, and local streaming TV is driving this trend upward. According to BIA Advisory, 2023’s local streaming TV ad revenue, which was previously projected to generate $2.2 Billion, is now expected to reach $2.37 Billion, up 7%.

The growth in local streaming TV is not stopping anytime soon as ad revenue projections are trending to surpass $3 Billion by 2025. By 2026, this channel’s ad revenue will have reached $3.36 Billion, a 60% increase when compared to 2022, which generated $2.11 Billion.

As audiences continue to stream more and more of their favorite content, Gamut’s local CTV offering provides direct access to over 100 premium streaming networks. Pairing this premium inventory with advanced technology and human expertise, we deliver valuable local consumers, at scale, wherever they are streaming content.

Contact us to learn more about Gamut’s ad solutions and how we can help your brand reach your key consumers in optimal markets!

Source: BIA ADVantage, U.S. Local Ad Forecast (December 2022)

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