March 15, 2023 Gamut Presents / Whitepapers

Gamut’s Emerging Streaming Trends: Gen Z and Cord-Nevers

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Younger Audiences, Particularly Gen Z, Continue to Grow the Share of Cordless Consumers

There are nearly 72M Gen Zers in the U.S., many of whom never have nor will subscribe to a traditional cable TV provider.

As Gen Z continues to be added into the mix, the share of cord-nevers has grown. Today, 22% of ad-supported streaming viewers age 18+ have never subscribed to a pay TV service and over half (56%) are cordless and unreachable via traditional pay TV.

The share of cord-nevers increased by +3 percentage points YoY among monthly ad-supported streamers, proving that younger generations continue to drive cordless TV viewing behaviors.

As the leader in local CTV, Gamut’s ability to find, target and engage with audiences through premium CTV inventory, allows us to reach this growing cordless segment where they are consuming content.

Contact us to learn more about Gamut’s CTV ad solutions and how we can help your brand reach valuable Gen Z consumers in optimal markets!

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