March 9, 2023 Case Studies

Case Studies: QSR and Local CTV

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Gamut’s Local CTV Solutions Achieved Extended Reach and Restaurant Visits for QSR Brands 

Two QSR Brands approached Gamut, one seeking to extend their reach of Adults 18+ beyond Linear TV and the other looking to drive Restaurant Visits among Adults 25-54.  Through our unified local CTV offering, Gamut developed ad strategies specific to each campaign’s objectives, targeting, and geo-locations.    

Gamut’s CTV Ad Campaign provided the first QSR brand with greater exposure to Adults 18+, with 81% of campaign viewers not receiving their ads through Linear TV. 

We also succeeded in driving Restaurant Visits for the second QSR brand. With a conversion rate of 1.52%, Gamut’s CTV Ad solutions were 187% more effective in converting Adults 25-54 versus Linear TV.  

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