December 14, 2022 Awards & Sponsorships

Lauren Garris Wins 2022 SHARKIE Award for Sales Enablement Leader of The Year

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Congratulations to Gamut’s Channel Partnerships Manager, Lauren Garris, for winning the 2022 SHARKIE Award for Sales Enablement Leader of the Year. The award, from Bigtincan, the global leader in sales enablement automation, honors the top-performing leaders for program development, execution, metrics, and the applied use of automation technologies to drive organizational growth and sustained success. These recognized individuals worked to advance the sales enablement profession and achieve amazing results.

“Our customers have achieved amazing results leveraging the Bigtincan and Brainshark solutions,” said David Keane, CEO and Co-Founder of Bigtincan. “The SHARKIE Awards are a testament to their steadfast commitment to shaping the buying experience of the future. These were not easy decisions by any means. Each finalist brought a unique case to the table which made the selection process extremely difficult. Congratulations to the 2022 winners…Because of your resolve, the future is bright for sales enablement.”

Zach Mullins, Gamut’s VP of Channel Partnerships, gives praise stating, “Lauren brings sensibility, expertise, real-world wisdom, and factual detail to our curriculum.  Not only has she stood up our entire platform as a one-person team, combined with live and in-person training, but has coordinated a host of additional curriculums going above and beyond what we had originally scoped.  With Lauren’s grit she was able to exceed curriculum development 133% above goal, an astonishing feat in year-one of our program along with the normal successful ‘launch’ aspects of a new product like branding, change management, selling and adoption with our channel partners.”

Zach adds, “When you couple that drive and determination to upskilling our teams with real-world revenue impacting results, there is no question – she IS the Sales Enablement Leader of the Year.”


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