Fall data art series

Fall data art

What’s your favorite part about the fall?

The air has gotten cooler and the leaves have begun to change colors; fall is officially underway. With this change in seasons come delightful holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as more irksome trends like “pumpkin-spice” everything and the inescapable Black Friday advertising.

Gamut, with help from our data partner,  Civic Science, created “data art” to illustrate consumer attitudes toward the upcoming fall season. E’lana Lemon, Gamut’s graphic designer, visualized the data in an abstract, expressionist form. “We wanted to show that data doesn’t have to be just numbers, ” E’lana said. “I was inspired by artwork like that of Mark Rothko to create our ‘data art.’”

See E’lana’s work realized below:

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